Posted: July 7, 2013 in Ann Loves America


By Ann Iuen


The Overpasses movement is only three weeks old but it is starting to gain some serious steam. There are now an 
estimated 10,000 or more committed patriots who are ready to protest on the overpasses throughout our country in order to let our representatives know how we feel and effect change in our country using our First amendment rights. We estimate that many more patriots will join in our cause.

There are groups for all 50 states and sub groups forming and growing in leaps and bounds.  Don’t be surprised when you suddenly see protestors on an overpass in your community. The movement already has had many successful rallies. http://youtu.be/U3F_oF5L4jg

America will soon hear the “Sounds of Patriots” exercising their first amendment rights. Those in the movement feel we have reached a critical time in history when we either use our First amendment rights or lose them forever. https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=10201486557434954

The Huffington Post has already issued a challenge to the movement telling us that our mission is impossible. So we would like to say to them you have underestimated the spirit, passion and courage of the American people. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/06/26/impeach-obama-campaign_n_3504586.html 
We the people have just begun and local news stations have already reported on the overpass rallies and protests. http://www.wtam.com/pages/trivpage.html?article=11456226  

The movement is being organized in a way that will assure all Americans will have the opportunity to participate in our legal rallies and protests and also that we will reach a larger sample of our nation. Every American who feels as we do that our leadership and in particular our president is bringing us in the wrong direction is welcome to join us. If you are out there and you are ready to DO SOMETHING the time is NOW. Join the movement today and let your voice count. Please JOIN “The Patriot Wave National Protest” – OVERPASSES FOR THE IMPEACHMENT OF OBAMA Our main event page has been removed. To find us you can put Overpasses in the FB search and you will find a list of state groups there, click to join and you will find local event information there. Also look for new state event pages!

  1. David Haines says:

    i live in Iowa and have done 2 Rallies, we the people will impeach obummer & his rats WE THE PEOPLE RUN THIS COUNTRY, NOT OBOZO BEEP BEEP HONK HONK HONK

  2. jeromeennis says:

    I love it. Let’s do more overpasses to rid us of this plague call the Obama Regime.